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MarkdownPad 2.5 Released

Full Changelog:

  • New Markdown Processor: CommonMark! CommonMark is a new Markdown processor aimed at unifying and standardizing the Markdown specification.

  • Added: Task Lists support in the GitHub Flavored Markdown (Offline) processor.

  • Added: Emoji support in the GitHub Flavored Markdown (Offline) processor. :smile::sparkles:

  • Added: Option to customize how many spaces are inserted when the “Use spaces instead of tabs” feature is enabled under Tools → Options → Editor tab.

  • Added: Customization of GitHub Flavored Markdown rendering mode (Enhanced: used in Pull Requests, Issues, and Comments; Standard: Used in READMEs). This option is available under Tools → Options → Markdown tab → Select “GitHub Flavored Markdown”, then locate “Markdown Rendering Mode”.

  • New Language: Norweigan (Norway), thanks to Øystein Bjørke!

  • Improved: Command line arguments now persist across updates if manually triggering the update from the status bar.

  • Improved: Timestamps in MarkdownPad should respect your locale/culture settings by default. These can still be customized under Tools → Options → Editor tab.

  • Fixed: Code syntax highlighting was recently broken due to changes at GitHub.

  • Fixed: When MarkdownPad was opened via command line, relative file paths were being displayed in the Recent Documents menu.

  • Fixed: GitHub Flavored Markdown was adding the prefix user-content- to all HTML name tags due to a change at GitHub, causing issues with anchor links. This prefix is now removed.

  • Fixed: After creating a new document and saving it, “New Document” was still displayed as the Window’s title.

  • Many minor fixes and improvements.

Published on 24 December 2014