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MarkdownPad 2.3.1 Released

MarkdownPad 2.3.1 is now available, with several improvements and fixes. Since it’s been a little while since the last update to MarkdownPad, I’d like to assure you that MarkdownPad is still being actively developed, with many new features and improvements on the way.

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, I welcome you to contact me at any time. I’m always eager to hear feedback!

  • Added: Ability to delete an image after uploading it to Imgur. After uploading an image, a “Delete Image” button will be displayed next to the upload button. Click this button to delete the uploaded image from imgur’s servers.

  • Added: Message in GitHub Flavored Markdown options section explaining how to use GitHub’s two-factor authentication with MarkdownPad.

  • Improved: Added the currently selected Markdown processor to the tooltip of the Quick Markdown Selector button in the status bar.

  • Improved: Appearance of messages in status bar.

  • Improved: Automatic continuation of lists now supports lists with plus sign (+) unordered list syntax

  • Improved: GitHub Flavored Markdown processing and error handling, with more helpful error messages.

  • Fixed: Major improvements to automatic continuation of blockquotes (>). This should no longer interfere with angled brackets used in code blocks.

  • Fixed: Tab tooltip wasn’t updating the displayed file path after saving.

Published on 03 November 2013