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MarkdownPad 2.2.0 now speaks Danish

New Translation

I’m happy to announce that MarkdownPad now supports Danish (da-DK). Thank you to Mikael Lyngvig for providing the translations!

Change Log

  • Added: Selected character count in status bar (visible when text is selected).

  • Added: Splash screen while MarkdownPad is loading. This can be disabled under Tools → Options → Advanced tab.

  • Added: PDF Export features: Customizable margins, orientation, and paper size under Tools → Options → File tab.

  • Added: Open File in New Window feature to right-click context menu of document tabs. When used, will open the current document in a new instance of MarkdownPad. Useful for keeping two documents side-by-side.

  • Improved: If an error occurs while processing GitHub Flavored Markdown, the error message will be displayed in the LivePreview pane rather than via a message box.

  • Improved: In Options window, if clickable hyperlinks are disabled, the hyperlink color picker is also disabled.

  • Modified: Moved spell check options icon to leftmost area of status bar.

  • Translations: Added Danish (da-DK).

  • Translations: Updated all translations.

  • Fixed: Missing strings in some translations.

Bonus: More descriptive version numbers

Starting with this release, MarkdownPad’s version numbers will now tell you more about the new version.

  • The first number is the major version number, which will always be 2.
  • The second number will be incremented when new features are added to MarkdownPad.
  • The third number will be incremented when the update only contains minor changes or fixes.
  • The fourth number (visible in the About menu) remains a unique build identifier.
Published on 22 July 2013