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MarkdownPad 2.1.19 Released

  • Added: Option to reload the current file from its source on disk under the File menu

  • Added: Character count to status bar

  • Added: Selected word count and selected character count (only visible when text is selected)

  • Added: (Experimental) Option to automatically include a Markdown document in HTML output. This document will not be visible in the Editor pane, but it will be automatically included in the output HTML version of your document. This allows users to create a “reference” Markdown file full of reference-style hyperlinks that can be accessed across all documents in MarkdownPad.

  • Improved: Button size in the Unlock Pro window for some locales

  • Improved: Visual improvements to the Options window

  • Improved: The spell check button in status bar is now dimmed when disabled, rather than shown with a red X

  • Fixed: Many fixes to Markdown syntax highlighting in the Editor pane, including strong, emphasis, inline code blocks and hyperlinks

  • Fixed: The Save All command will now only save files that have changes

  • Fixed: Issue with text size in Options window tabs with high DPI settings

  • Updated Translations: Updated translations for German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese

  • Minor additional fixes and improvements

Many new additional features are in development for future releases. Thank you for all the tweets, emails, bug reports, forum posts, and general feedback. Keep them coming!

Published on 28 June 2013