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MarkdownPad 2.1.15 now speaks Japanese and French!

With the release of MarkdownPad 2.1.15, I’m very happy to announce that MarkdownPad now supports Japanese (ja-JP) and French (fr-FR), which brings the total number of supported languages to 10! My sincere thanks to all of the users that have helped with these translations.

This update also brings many new improvements and fixes, which are explained in detail below.

Full Changelog

  • Added Translations: Japanese (ja-JP), French (fr-FR)

  • Updated Translations: Korean, German (Germany), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia), Polish, Chinese (PRC)

  • Added: Notification and option to reload file if it was modified or deleted outside of MarkdownPad. This feature can be disabled under ToolsOptionsFile tab → Monitor if open documents are modified or deleted on disk.

  • Added: Option to automatically reload file if modified outside of MarkdownPad

  • Added: Option to view formatting marks in the Editor pane

  • Added: Option to customize the hyperlink color in the Editor pane

  • Added: Ability to open multiple new instances of MarkdownPad under FileNew Window

  • Added: Option to disable automatic continuation of lists

  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts for Export HTML (Ctrl+Shift+1) and Export PDF (Ctrl+Shift+2)

  • Improved: Spell check settings are now in the status bar for easier access - you no longer need to go to Options to change spell check language

  • Improved: Spell check is disabled by default if the user’s system language isn’t available as a spell check dictionary

  • Improved: Several user interface and organizational improvements to the Options window

  • Improved: GitHub Flavored Markdown: If no network connection, displays message in LivePreview pane rather than display error dialogs

  • Improved: Startup speed on some systems

  • Fixed: Home and End keys now work as expected in the Editor pane

  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut conflict between Save As and Save All

  • Fixed: Relative image support not working when using Preview in Browser feature

  • Fixed: Minor issue when closing a blank Insert Image window

  • Fixed: Multiple dialogs appearing when closing the CSS code editor window

  • Fixed: In some scenarios, Markdown was still being rendered in the background when LivePreview was disabled

Published on 31 May 2013