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MarkdownPad 2.1.14 Released


  • New installer! The new installer no longer requires administrator privileges (and it looks prettier). However, if your computer is missing any prerequisites like .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, administrator privileges will be required to install them.

  • Improved: MarkdownPad now stores its custom files in the local user’s Roaming data folder. This means that if you use MarkdownPad on a domain, your custom CSS files and custom spell check dictionaries will follow your user account on the domain. MarkdownPad will automatically migrate your custom files from the previous location to the new location.

  • Improved: External browser preview files will now be (once again) stored in the Windows Temporary Files folder. However, they will still support relative image paths.

  • Modified: Distraction-free shortcut has been changed from F10 to F11

  • Fixed: Various issues with Markdown syntax highlighting, including reference-style hyperlinks and images, code blocks, bold, and italic formatting

  • Fixed: Go To Line window would display an error if closing it via the “X”

  • Updated: Acknowledgements

Published on 25 April 2013